High Expectations: Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards

We must have a belief that all students can learn at high levels. We must expect it and hold students and ourselves accountable for it. Yes, there are obstacles and challenges, but we must overcome them! This is our moral imperative. Lives are at stake.

We need an articulated, aligned curriculum across the system that is consistent within the same grade/course so all students have an equally rigorous education experience. We also need this alignment across grades/courses so students have well-rounded and varied experiences as they progress through our system. Instructional materials and tasks must be appropriately challenging to meet diverse needs of all students.

Additionally, when teachers deeply understand the Common Core State Standards and align curriculum and tasks with them, we can ensure that all students are prepared for future learning in our K-12 systems and ultimately ready for college and careers.

Part of this preparation includes equipping students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need to be successful life-long learners and engaged citizens in a diverse, global society. This includes communication, collaboration, critical thinking, digital skills and managing and evaluating information.

(For more math resources, please visit the math page of this website: http://www.marcishepard.org/digging-deeper-into-math-common-core-major-shifts-practices-and-critical-areas-of-focus-professional-development-lesson-plan-with-links-to-all-resources/)


The following are some presentations and resources to support understanding and implementation of Common Core State Standards.

 ELA Common Core Resources:

Read Aloud, Basal Alignment, and Anthology Alignment Projects

  • Go to edmodo.com & create membership
  • Sign-in to Edmodo
  • On the left side find “Groups,” click on the “+,” then “Join,” finally enter the code below.
    • Use code “f4q6nm” to join BAP group
    • Use code “pkx52i” to join RAP group
    • Use code “pkx4sp” to join AAP group

BIG PICTURE RESOURCES (for parents, communities, and everyone!)

Math Common Core Resources:

  • Access to the sequenced units: http://www.ccsstoolbox.com/.
  • Go to Tab, Resources for implementation, at the top of the page to get to units.
  • Go to Tab, Other Helpful Information, at top of page to get links to other important sites, such as…
  1. University of Nottingham for assessments (formative and summative) http://map.mathshell.org.
  2. Progressions Documents are narratives that describe the progression of a topic across grade levels, based on the structure of mathematics and on research on cognitive development http://ime.math.arizona.edu/progressions


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