Our resources – time, money and people – in education are precious. We can’t afford to waste any on efforts that don’t pay off. Data-driven decision making is critical in ensuring we are focusing valuable resources on the right things, it is how we monitor if our efforts are making a real impact, and it informs how we make adjustments along the way. Simply put, data is used to:

  • Set goals
  • Improve practice
  • Make decisions

Good data practices include:

  • Ensuring we get an accurate “picture” through using multiple data points.
  • Data, like fruit, is best when it is fresh. We must harvest it then USE it! (I never allow “data without deliberation.” We need to use protocols that can help us make meaning of the data so we can use it wisely.)
  • Remembering that when looking at student data,  the numbers represent real people. (I encourage teams to use names whenever possible.)

Beginning 2014-2015, students will be tested on the Common Core State Standards using a new assessment system. Our district is piloting the assessment this year. For more information on Smarter Balanced Assessments, see presentations on the Curriculum and Common Core State Standards page.


ESEA/NCLB/AYP/Washington State’s Waiver Story – Presentation July 2014 – Click Here

The following is a sample of a 2012 state data presentation.

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