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So, who is Dr. Marci Shepard?


First and foremost, I love kids. My calling and purpose is student, adult and systems learning so that we serve our students, families and communities well.

At this website I share my passion, beliefs, work and resources around systems leadership, instructional leadership, quality instruction, and student learning.

Strategic Planning

I am an Assistant Superintendent and adjunct faculty at Western Washington University. I am also involved in educational leadership across our region, state and nation through being elected to and serving on state boards, presenting at state and national conferences, engaging in several networks, and receiving honors as a teacher and leader.

While I’m a visionary and collaborative leader, I am also a learner. I love collaborating with others, reflecting, staying on the leading edge of research and best practices through reading, conferences and diverse leadership roles, and I am a student. Whether formally or informally, I am always in school. I am proud to be the first person in the history of my family on both my mom and dad’s side to go to college.

Although this is a professional site, we know that “we lead who we are.” In addition to being a proud educator, my husband and I have been married for 23 years. We like going to community and school events, taking walks, going to the movies and “talking shop” since he is a teacher too. We have two boys who are 20 and 18. Like students at school, they are each very unique, but they make us laugh…a lot! I also lead music at my church.

Core values: Honesty, integrity, equity, high expectations for ALL, growth mindset, collaboration, reciprocal accountability

I have several professional networking sites. Let’s stay connected!

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