From “March Madness” to “March Gladness”

gladnessMarch Madness. Sometimes in education that term takes on a meaning of its own. But I’m determined to make March a slam dunk! How, you ask? I’m practicing gratitude! Gratitude shifts our perspective, strengthens relationships, improves health, reduces stress, and makes us happier.

Mark Twain said, “I can live two months on a good compliment.” While the person who receives the praise enjoys feeling valued, the giver also reaps benefits. With every compliment given, a bond is strengthened, trust is built, and conversation encouraged. That’s powerful stuff!

One thing I’m grateful for is others who notice good things and shine a light on them.

We have a vision for teaching, learning and leading in the 21st century. Technology is rapidly changing and impacting our work. While Facebook is sometimes used to share negative stories, it is also a powerful communication tool and is sometimes used to share positive stories. This week I’m broadcasting some of those that celebrate a welcoming culture and service. Today I wrote five thank you cards to some of our staff who shined and were recognized on social media – a bus driver, a substitute para educator, office staff… I don’t know how the cards will impact those getting them, but I do know that I was reminded about our most valuable resource – people.

How do we sustain during March Madness? We lean on each other, we celebrate each other, we acknowledge our work is hard yet worth it, and we shift to a perspective of gratitude.

I’m GLAD to do this work with the people I do!

Let’s turn “March Madness” into “March Gladness!”

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