Welcome to my blog and site!

At this website I share my passion, beliefs, work and resources around systems leadership, instructional leadership, quality instruction, and student learning.

What motivates me to begin this endeavor? It’s my love for young people and building capacity on their behalf. My calling and purpose is student, adult and systems learning so that we serve our students, families and community well.

So, who am I to write of such noble things?

I am a learner. In our ever-changing landscape of education, I work to stay on the leading edge of research and best practices. One of my favorite ways to learn is through collaborating and reflecting with others. Now you are part of that! I also learn through reading, conferences, technology, diverse leadership roles and formal classes. My family would say that I’m always in school. Currently I’m studying policy in educational leadership at the University of Washington.

I am a teacher. I was a classroom teacher for 10 years and had the privilege of teaching at the elementary and secondary levels. Still, in my interactions with staff, teachers, principals, central office and communities, I approach everything I do as a learner (seeking to understand and collaborate) and as a teacher (through modeling and finding teaching, not telling, opportunities when possible).

I am a leader. Leading, to me, really means serving. I didn’t enter this work to be a leader – I entered it to make a difference. My formal titles are Assistant Superintendent for a school district and adjunct faculty at Western Washington University, but the title doesn’t make the leader – it’s about how you serve the system and community. I am also involved in educational leadership across our region, state and nation through serving on state boards, presenting at state and national conferences, and receiving honors as a teacher and leader.

I am a wife and mother. Sometimes in education it takes us too long to bring about change needed. Having my own kids brings a sense of urgency to my work. It also helps me be empathetic with students and parents we serve. Yes, this is a professional site, but since “we lead who we are,” here is more about my family. My husband and I have been married for 20 years. We like going to community and school events, taking walks, going to the movies and “talking shop” since he is a teacher too. We have two boys who are 16 and 18. They make us laugh…a lot! Their activities keep us entertained. I also lead music at my church.

So, let’s begin this journey together. Visit the other pages on this site by clicking on the titles in the black box at the top of this page. And stay tuned through adding this site to your RSS feed or checking back frequently.

I will also announce new posts through my Twitter account (@MarciShepard).

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